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Welcome to Shanti for All

My name is Rachel Tenkar and I started my yoga journey back in 2003. It was at a time when I became interested in addressing my health. I was working as the Clinical Director at an outpatient substance use disorder clinic in the Bronx and found myself in need of some self care. As the years passed I became more aware of the benefits that yoga provided me, both physically and mentally. I found myself increasingly interested in being able to use yoga and meditation practices to help the people that I served, who often suffered with depression, anxiety, trauma as well as substance use issues. In 2019 I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and followed that with the 300 hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in 2021. Both of these trainings were with Three Sisters Yoga in New York City.

As a person with a visual impairment as well as living in a bigger body, my training brought to mind the questions:

Why not me?

Why not now?

Where do I go from here?

It is my goal to bring yoga to as many different people, especially those that question if they can do yoga. I want to create a safe yoga community for all types of people that is inclusive, nurturing and fun. It is my goal to provide a space where everyone can find their own Shanti.

Peace in body, mind and spirit.

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